I have known Pete since the day he took over at Tennis Spot.  I have come to trust him as an extremely knowledgeable provider of all things tennis.  When it comes to strings and rackets, I consider him a passionate expert.  I think his upgrades to the environment of the store have made it more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.  His commitment to excellent and responsive service is impressive.  I have never had someone consistently turn around racket stringing the same day.  Great Service!  He is clearly doing something he loves and because of this I love going there.  Thanks for all you do Pete.

Peter Rennert
Former NCAA Player of the Year and ATP Top 20
“Service, selection and knowledge” is how I would describe the Tennis Spot. Peter’s passion for tennis has never diminished since his Division I tennis career at Colgate ended. A true student of the game and of the evolving technology of its equipment, Peter has been there every time I had a tight schedule and broken strings always finding a way to help me out.

Westport, CT
In a time of cookie-cutter commerce The Tennis Spot provides expert advice on equipment and precision service that is not available at most tennis clubs and certainly not accessible at large sporting good stores.  In my experience they're more interested in getting the right equipment to their customers than getting "the sale".  As a result, I've become a loyal patron of the store.

Wilton, CT
The Tennis Spot is my home for tennis gear, racquets and expert stringing.  Pete and his crew are very helpful.  Pete is able to restring my racquet very quickly in an emergency.  Pete also helps me experiment with different strings and different tensions.  On the court Pete is a pleasure to watch.  Even Pete can’t design a racquet or an outfit that will ever have me playing at his level.
I highly recommend the Tennis Spot.

Ed Mahony
Fairfield, CT
The Tennis Spot has been a mainstay in our lives and our children's lives for many years. It is one of the reasons Fairfield is the town that it is...a beautiful, convenient downtown location that one can walk or bike to. Today I could walk into the store, often using the convenient back door, hoping to have my racquet strung and Peter will just look over and say, "I will have it for you at 2:00,” no hassle, no stress...how welcomed is that? In fact, the store experience is the mirror opposite of my tennis game.....the service is quick! Couple that with the availability of good clothing and shoes at a fair price there is certainly no need to shop for anything related to tennis online.

The Mallin Family
Fairfield, CT

My family and I have been shopping at this store for many years and the owners are always pleasant. They are quick to greet you and assist you. They have the best raquet stringing you can find and I always go there when I am in town. Great selection of tennis raquets, clothes and gear for the whole family. No one strings raquets as well as they do.

Camille K.
We love the Tennis Spot and head there for all of our tennis needs. Pete and his staff are friendly, professional and offer excellent service. They are very knowledgeable about all aspects of one’s tennis needs whether you are a beginner or advanced player. Racquets are professionally strung with a quick turnaround often the same day. Having given both my husband and myself instruction, Pete knows each of our tennis games and offers sound advice on racquets, suggesting models that we could test out from a wide range of companies including Wilson and Volkl which we use. Pete recommended the AirCast Elbow Brace that eased my discomfort and allowed me to continue playing while recuperating from tennis elbow. Also, they are happy to place special orders whether it is for teaching devices such as the Wrist Assist to improve volleying technique, shoes and apparel or even the official U.S. Open towels. The store is well stocked with an excellent selection of the latest tennis apparel, shoes and accessories. If you need instruction, Pete is very familiar with local tennis facilities and teaching professionals and can recommend someone well suited for your game and needs. Prices are competitive, his staff is attentive, very simply it is the place to go!

Gene and Janis
Fairfield, CT
Thanks to The Tennis Spot, I no longer have to travel as far as away as Port Chester, New York to have my racquets strung with the expertise and consistency that I feel my game requires and deserves.  I have complete trust in Pete and his staff when restringing my frames.  In fact, as Pete has got to know me as a customer and how I play tennis, he was able to recommend some strings that were a better fit for me, and it has made a huge difference in my game.  When an important match is coming and a new string job is required, I know I can count on Pete and his staff to do a great job and with a turnaround time that is second to none.  Many times Pete’s staff is able to complete a racquet string job within one day (if not the same day) and that is a level of service you just don’t find at a lot of other places.
An expert tennis player in his own right, Pete has a great understanding of the game and its many levels, and this knowledge transcends into ways it can help his customers.  Tennis has a constantly changing technological component.  Pete’s and his staff’s awareness of these trends help us find the best tennis product to fit the needs of our games.  From clothes, to racquets, to shoes, and strings, Pete and his staff bring this level of customer service every single day.  When tournament organizers needed an expert to string for the top players in New England at the junior sectional championships held at Yale, that they turned to Pete to be the official stringer.  When a close friend who lives in another state asked me to recommend a racquet for his wife who was just taking up the game, I immediately referred him to Pete.  Within a few minutes, Pete called my friend and was able to recommend a perfect racquet for her and was even able to ship the racquet to my friend so that he was able to give it her in time for her birthday later on that week!  I am happy to report, she is now getting to be an avid fan of tennis with this perfect racquet, and she looks forward every week to her weekly tennis match!

Fairfield, CT
We love shopping at the Tennis Spot.  They have the newest latest and greatest equipment and clothing styles.  You will find just the right look to wear for your next match.  Pete is knowledgeable, honorable, and as a playing professional he understands matching the proper equipment with your game.  His expertise on racquet and string selection is infallible.  The Tennis Spot is a great place to shop!

Glenn and Joanne
Westport, CT

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